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To invite people and youth in need of connection and grounding with Mother Nature. In a current time in life if daily disconnect to source due to primarily technologies that isolate and promote on demand entertainment, work outs, social media, food, consumer goods and dating. Our wholistic ways and connection to nature and basic fundamental survival/instinctual skills, ways, pure enjoyment and sense of connection to nature have been put by the wayside.

 This is why we feel it is imperative and important to share our ranch in Taos, New Mexico by inviting and building a community of people who are turning and in need of what we have to offer. Be it proactive connection for adolescents, post addiction for youth and adults, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety for individuals and 

military veterans. Sense of Purpose is so important in all of our lives. Through connection, alignment, rest and guidance we feel we can help nurture the path ahead for the next chapter and mission ahead.

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